We are temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Memberships During Closure

Updated April 7th, 2020

Auto Rebilling Memberships

No one will be charged for anything on April 10th – no memberships, no freezes, no account items – unless they’ve specifically asked us to keep billing them during the closure.

Prepaid Memberships

Everyone who has a prepaid membership will have their membership extended by at least the amount of our closure time.

Credits and Refunds

Please be aware that, except for cash transactions, we are charged a fee to process payments and a fee to refund payments – and with no income, we’re relying on volunteers to do all the behind-the-scenes things that still need to be done. We ask that you understand that for the time being, refunds will be honored minus a small processing fee to cover our expenses. All members billed on March 10th have a credit on their account. Credits will stay on your account indefinitely.

Reopening Date

While we don’t have a date yet, we can cover enough of our expenses that we will be able to reopen but want to make sure we remain aware of our responsibility to our climbers, their friends, and their families. So when we have a date, we’ll be sure to let you know here.


Temporary Closure due to COVID-19

Updated April 7th, 2020

CRG patrons,

In light of recent events regarding the COVID-19 virus, we’ve made the decision to temporarily close operations through at least the end of April.

This is a temporary closure and the situation is fluid, so we will be reassessing this decision as new information becomes available.

In the meantime, we are freezing all monthly memberships and extending pre-paid memberships during the closure.

You are the community that built this gym and without you, we would not exist. We’re sorry to have to take this step, but feel it’s the responsible thing to do for our community. This was a hard decision as it affects not only you but all the staff who work at the gym.

Please stay healthy and climb strong,

– All of us at the Cleveland Rock Gym