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Reopening - Cleveland Rock Gym
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Reopening Information

Visit Us Today!

We can’t wait to see you, but we understand not everyone’s in the same place, so here’s what we’re doing to help protect patrons and staff during these uncertain times. We’ve also included information on how your membership may be affected.

Please familiarize yourself with these updated policies before joining us.

Changes to this Page

We’re trying to figure this out just like you. We’re regularly checking guidance from the CDC, the State of Ohio, and the Climbing Wall Association. Across the country, we’re seeing what works what doesn’t – while trying to reduce the risk of transmission to you and our staff. So check back here regularly as we apply what we’ve learned to operations at the Cleveland Rock Gym.

June 20th, 2020 at 4:00pm
  • The couches are available for additional seating.
  • Masks not required while seated. Please continue to practice social distancing.
  • Changed the layout of this section to take less space as policies change.
June 7th, 2020 at 4:00pm
  • Lifted reservation requirement.
  • Lifted members and punch pass holders only requirement – we’re open to the public.
  • Overhead fans will be on during business hours.
  • Moved where change log appears on this page.

 New Things

  • We ask that you do not enter the facility if you have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility.
  • Masks must be worn entering the facility and at all times except:
    • When seated.
    • While actively climbing a route. If near the climbing area and not actively climbing, masks are still required (for example, an active belayer must still wear a mask)
  • Please clean any equipment you use in the training or weight areas.
  • Practice social distancing.

Things That Have Changed

  • New hours for the rock gym: Weekdays: 3pm-10pm; Weekends: 9am-4pm
  • There are limits on the number of people in every area of the gym. Please respect the signage in each area.
  • Limit climbs to one attempt per person before yielding to those in line.
  • Lost and Found may not be available.
  • The drinking fountain is not available except to refill water bottles.
  • We ask that you let the staff know which cubby you vacate upon leaving the gym.
  • The training area is limited to 3 people. Please keep your sessions to 30 minutes or less.
  • We’re only holding belay classes at this time. We’re assessing when to start other classes, training, and coaching each week.

Things That Have Stopped

  • No community nail clippers available for use or purchase.
  • No community yoga mats.
  • No community toys.
  • No recycling containers. (There’s a whole story behind this one.)

Things You Might be Expecting but We’re not Doing (or Can’t)

  • No masks available – for sale or otherwise.
  • We cannot disinfect each rope and each hold each day.

Membership and Billing During Reopening

Hey, we get it. We’re not out to try to trick you into paying a membership. That’s not how we want to be treated either. So here’s whats happening:

  • No one will be billed until they start to use the gym unless they’ve specifically asked us to continue to bill them.
  • Patrons not ready to return to the gym will continue to have their memberships frozen for $0/month through August 31st, 2020 – at which time their membership will be terminated.
  • The billing date has been changed to the 1st of the month.

Cleveland Rock Gym